The Galaxy Tab Active 2 appears in renders with S-Pen, water resistance, and removable battery

Galaxy Tab Active 2

Samsung, as we know, has an extensive catalog of tablets, although not as extensive as the smartphone. The Korean manufacturer does not renounce this market although in part has been replaced by one of the phablets, that still has enough public that looks for big screens to see content or perform certain functions labor.

This time we talk about a tablet that does not seem to take too long to unveil, the Galaxy Tab Active 2, which would fall within the mid-high range. That yes, it would bring some interesting features like the removable battery and an included S-Pen to gain a little in productivity.

Design to Active, but this time on a tablet

Many of us know the design that the Active family smartphones usually bring, specially prepared to withstand drops or some dips. According to the render that has appeared, we would basically have the same, but on a tablet. It is worth mentioning, that yes, that almost three years ago we saw his first Galaxy Tab Active, but in this case, the physical aspect would be less coarse.

The main difference we can find in this new generation, according to the render, is that the central physical button this time makes the function of a fingerprint sensor, which would still be surrounded by two other also physical. In this case, it seems to stand out a little less from the body, but we will have to wait to see it live.

As for the rest of the body, it seems that the protections surrounding the device are somewhat thinner, which would give it a more stylized look than the model of almost three years ago. Again, when it is a render, the ideal is to wait for it to appear to see how faithful this filtration has been.

A medium-high range with removable and not very cheap battery

One of the most curious, especially not being common in tablets, is that it would come with a removable battery, like its previous generation. This will not, of course, prevent water and dust resistance from IP68 certification. It is most likely that the back cover uses the same method to protect the internal components as the Galaxy S5.

As for specifications, a month ago we talked about its appearance by GFXBench, and among its most interesting features would be its 8-inch HD screen, it’s Exynos 7870 processor and its 3 GB of RAM. Its storage would be 16 GB expandable with microSD cards and would come factory with Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

The battery would have a capacity of 4,450 mAh and would include in the pack an S-Pen, as the Galaxy Note already do. The price, as well as its date of presentation, are not confirmed, but there are rumors that would place it between 500 and 600 euros, a little expensive considering some shortcomings such as storage or not going out with factory Oreo. What do you think of this tablet if it confirms everything rumored so far?