The Huawei Mate 10 and 10 Pro receive an update, first in China, to improve the camera

mate 10 pro

The Huawei Mate 10 and its Huawei Mate 10 Pro variant have become two good high-end models for those who do not want to invest too much money.

Efficient, beautiful and also with cameras of high quality in both cases. There is always room for improvement and the Chinese manufacturer has decided to take an update to polish the graphics section and make some more changes.

This new version that is distributed through OTA with the number is beginning to land on the models that are put on sale in China. The next wave, already outside the Asian giant will arrive shortly so if you are waiting and giving the button to update, it is better to wait because it may take longer to arrive.

In this software review, we find some changes that affect China exclusively, such as optimizations in some WeChat functions. What will affect us will be the following :

  • Optimization in the camera and the navigation dock.
  • Improvements in the beauty mode to add specific touches according to the gender of each person.
  • Optimization when accessing the navigation dock to use it with ultra battery saving mode.
  • Improvements in energy management controlling the consumption of third-party applications.
  • The operations in the status bar have been simplified.
  • More speed than the other users who are connected to the same network (or at least they promise).

In addition to these additions, the following errors have also been fixed:

  • Fixed a fault when there is a hidden WLAN network with a strong signal and can not connect.
  • Fixed an error where the time is not updated correctly in some operators in countries with several time zones.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented stopping the music when it would play on the Bluetooth of the car.
  • Connectivity failures with Kaiseda K8 padlocks have been reviewed.
  • Fixed an error where the Camera, at times, failed to open or showed a black screen at the time of opening.

At the moment we have no date for the release of this update outside of China nor do we have more information about the improvements that will come to the camera.

After having used Mate 10 for a month, I am curious to see how they have improved it because today it already has a very high level.

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