Android O: Intelligent Android O Notifications?

While Android continues to grow in the mobile OS market, Google’s version of Android 8.0 O  is looming and should soon be unveiled. As tradition requires, it should bear the letter O and several functions are already foreseen.

Android O 8.0: Intelligent Notifications?
Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Google in charge of Android, has himself raised the temperature with a single gif on Twitter, about the next name that will carry the operating system.

A month later and less than 60 days prior to the developer conference I / O to be held in May, 9to5Google lifts the veil on some of the functions that should accompany the grind “O” of Android 8.0.

Mode “Picture in Picture” as Android TV

The next version of Google’s OS Android TV could imitate and reduce video playback window in a corner of the screen.

Convenient to continue navigating the interface while keeping an eye on a film, which can switch back to full screen at any time. This function “Picture in Picture” is already present on the YouTube app and on the overcoat Samsung TouchWizz since Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Reduction of battery consumption apps in the background

Version 57 of Chrome for Android smartphones is available since March. One of its most notable features is the reduction in processor consumption of the tabs in the background.

Android O could take the same route, this time putting a brake on activity in the background too intensive applications battery.

Towards an overhaul of the notification system?

More uncertainty, 9to5Google understands that the Mountain View firm will implement a system of more contextualized notifications.

No more false alarms, Android O could choose when and where to display a notification. Operation based on the machine learning of Google Music, which now offers music recommendations based on various factors (time of day, activities, weather time …) and our past choices.

Badges indicating the number of notifications could also adorn application icons. A function that already exists of course for messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger …) and is present on iOS for ages.

Android O should be unveiled on May 17 at the developer conference Google I / O.