Google Maps will translate the opinions of restaurants and establishments

Google Maps breaks the language barrier that we found in the opinions of restaurants and sites when we were traveling in a country whose native language we did not understand.

Google Maps

Now when you are in a foreign country and look at a site or place of interest, Google will translate them automatically to the language set on your device.

Google Maps will show the translated review next to the review in its original language. In the reviews, we will see the strings “(Translated by Google)” and “(Original)” to know which is the translation and which the original review.

This way we will no longer have to be copying and pasting the reviews into a translator to find out the opinion.

To date, Google Maps showed in the top positions the reviews written in our language and then the other opinions written in other languages.

The problem was there were few or no reviews in our language and only seemed opinions in other languages, so if we did not know the language, in the end, we only had to look at the score but not knowing the content of the opinion.

Now all those reviews in other languages will appear translated.

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