The Galaxy Note 8 will be upgraded to the double camera car with a 3x optical zoom

The double cameras are the element that is in fashion to this day, and more and more manufacturers dare to include in their terminals this feature, although there is still those that resist.

galaxy note 8

The HTC U11, presented today, still does not sign up for this new fashion, but it is not the only one, as some like Samsung have not wanted (or could) adopt a double camera for their product.

The Galaxy S8, in principle, would be the first of the Korean manufacturer to carry a double camera and even leaked a prototype that finally did not go beyond.

Not long ago it has been rumored that the future Galaxy Note 8 would come with a double camera, which, according to recent reports, is strong.

Already a few weeks ago Samsung dropped that the chip that carries the current flagship of the company (the Exynos 8895 ) supported double cameras, which, since the Galaxy S8 has not brought it, it is believed that Note 8 Will bring the same processor) will be accompanied by a double sensor.

The Korean Herald has also reported some of its possible features.

As mentioned, one of the sensors would be 12 MP wide angle, while the other would be 13 MP.

According to a Samsung patent, this combination would be used to make better moving pictures.

As we said, few manufacturers are resisting double cameras, perhaps waiting to be able to differentiate themselves from others, and Samsung could be the next to get into the car.

As always, since they are nothing more than rumors, we recommend taking precaution, at least until there is more information about it.