Android O will improve performance: half-time restarts and more fluid apps

We do not know if it will be called Android Oreo or Android Oatmeal, but we already know more features than it will be the next major update of Google’s mobile platform.

Android O

In March we could already see some of the news that will bring Android O and the conference Google I/O was the scenario chosen by the company to announce the second preview of Android O.

The news that will arrive with Android O will be many and, as it could not be otherwise, the performance will be one of the areas in which we will find improvements. Google claims that Android O will reduce reboot time in half and apps will be more fluid.

Boosting fluidity and reducing wait

Although they did not give details about the optimizations they have made to make it possible, during the I/O conference, Google ensured that Android O will significantly reduce the time it takes for the system to restart.

Specifically, they spoke of restarts in half the time, always taking the Google Pixel as an example, so we do not know whether to apply the same to other devices that are also updated to Android O. This should significantly reduce the waiting time at Install updates in which the device restarts several times.

In addition, Google also talked about applications and how their fluidity will be improved with this update, but again reserved the most concrete details.

The application they took as an example was Google Sheets, which in Android O will manage to complete a benchmark up to twice as fast as in Android Nougat.

As we said, Android O still has no definitive name, so there are still many new features and details to know. In a few months, we will leave doubts.