How to transfer data from Android to iPhone 8

The latest iPhone 8 launch date is finally here and there’s no better time than switching to Apple from Android. iPhone 8 has introduced some mind-blowing new features that have never introduced in any smartphone before. There’s no doubt that the new iPhone 8 is over-selling and more and more are switching to Apple every day.

Upgrading or switching smartphone is not really an issue but the main concern of most people is how to transfer the data from an old Android smartphone to the new iPhone 8? Moreover, Android and Apple use different operating systems that are simply not compatible with each other and there’s no chance that you are loading everything on your iPhone 8 from the beginning because it will take you forever to save contacts, messages, multimedia files, etc. one by one to your new device.

In this guide, we will show how to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8 with the help of cloud server as well as using a third party software to transfer everything with a 1 click solution. Feel free to try any method that fulfills your needs.

Way 1: Transfer data from Android to iPhone with Cloud Server

There are too many free cloud platforms available online that can help you to backup data from your original device and restore them on your new iPhone 8. In this part, we will be using Google Drive because it is free and convenient and Google has way better reputation than any other cloud server available on the internet.

  • Step 1. Download Google Drive app on your old Android smartphone from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Step 2. Open the app and attach it to your most active Google or Gmail account.
  • Step 3. Hit the upload button and store every data and files from your phone to the Google Drive account and save it.
  • Step 4. Open the same Google Drive account on your new iPhone 8 and you can download the full package with 1 click or you can even download them one by one.

Pros –

  • Google Drive supports uploading multimedia files as well as contacts and messages.
  • Cloud servers are an amazing way to access your personal stuff from anywhere around the world.

Cons –

  • An active Google account and a fast Internet connection is required to upload data to your Google Drive.
  • Time consuming method as you will have to upload everything one by one.
  • Uploaded data are only good for up to 30 days.
  • Can’t store more than 1 GB of data.

Way 2: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8 with a 1-Click Solution

It is quite assumable that you must have more than 1GB of data on your old smartphone and you are looking for a better solution than upload and downloading them over cloud server over and over again. Well, of course there’s a better solution and you can complete the data transferring process from Android to iPhone 8 with just 1 click using MobileTrans.

Additionally, it can help to restore old backup files from iTunes, iCloud, Kies and other cloud servers to the new iPhone 8 as well. And if you don’t want to keep the data on your old device then you can even delete it with the same software.

Step 1. MobileTrans is desktop software that requires to be installed before you can use. It is available on Windows and Mac operating systems, so download the compatible version of the tool and install it on your respective systems.
Step 2. Launch the program and click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main home interface of the program.

Step 3. Connect your old Android smartphone and the new iPhone 8 to PC with 2 different USB data cable or you can even use a USB port network to connect both phones to PC.

Step 4. Both smartphones should appear side by side and make sure that the iPhone 8 appears on the destination section because it will be receiving the files from your old phone. If the position is not correct then hit the flip button to switch the positions.

Step 5. Under the “Select content to copy” tab, you will be seeing all the data types that are possible to send from Android to iPhone 8 with a single click. Check all the file types that you wish to transfer and hit the “Start Transfer” button to initiate the data copying process.

You can track the copying status live and you can even view the detailed log by yourself to check the program. Once the progress is finished, you can remove the phone from PC and your new iPhone 8 should have all the data from your old device.


Upgrading smartphones are something that happens regularly in our lives but collecting every single data from the scratch is not possible and you are bound to transfer important stuff from your old phone to the new one. You can certainly upload every crucial data on cloud server but you cannot upload any database type items on cloud such as contacts, notes, documents etc. Thanks to MobileTrans for making it extremely easier to transfer data from old device to the new one with such simplicity. It has over millions of satisfactory customers who assured the quality and efficiency of this program.