The HTC U11 is already receiving the update to Android 8 Oreo in Europe

htc u11

Patience. That is the key to each new update of the Android operating system because the arrival before or after the update depends on factors such as the smartphone brand, the model, and the territory.

In the case of the HTC U11, released in the market in 2017 with Android 7 Nougat, the update to Android 8 Oreo came first to Taiwan in the middle of last November, and just after Black Friday to the U11 of the United States. Since then it has been expected by the users of the model in Europe, a wait that is over.

Android 8 Oreo in Europe for the HTC U11

Fabian Nappenbach, of the Marketing Department at HTC Europe, announced on Twitter that the definitive OTA version of Android 8 Oreo for the HTC U11 is already active in Germany, so the most recent Android OS download for this is confirmed. HTC model.

Once in the European continent, it is a matter of time that it will reach the other countries of Europe, so if you still do not have it you have to wait a little longer. Although the good thing is that officially is already underway.

With a weight of 1.31GB -better you use WiFi unless you have 4G data, the update 2.33.401.10 brings Android 8.0 to the terminal along with a system optimization.

All the Oreo news will be available in the terminal, including the adaptive icons, the PiP function, the auto-filling of API fields, etc, in addition to other functions that the HTC U11 + model brought, such as the Edge Launcher, which allows assigning a gesture of pressure to this and gets faster and easier access to apps, frequent contacts or quick settings.

Oreo U

A reorganized and simpler Settings screen, postpone notifications – a function that temporarily deactivates notifications to release your Notifications panel or Clutter blocking screen- or the one-hand function are some of the elements that the update implements in the HTC U11.

In fact, the use of a single hand allows you to use any app by slightly pressing the sides of the phone to access any application, take photos or record videos, start a voice assistant and much more with an intuitive gesture, even in the rain.