Android P: your first preview will arrive in mid-March

Picture credit: XDA Developers

For two years, March has become the month in which Google presents the future version of Android released to the public market its first preview for their Nexus / Pixel devices, and this year it seems that it will not be different.

The prestigious filtering Evan Blass has dared to say that Android P Developer Preview 1 will arrive in the middle of March. Which means that in a couple of weeks we could already be testing the main novelties of Android P.

According to leaks and rumors, Android P will renew its Material Design interface to adapt to screens with the notch or ‘notch’, would support the iris scanners and prevent the applications in the background can spy on the microphone or camera.

Roadmap for Android Developer Preview since 2016

Android P: your first preview will arrive in mid-March

Since Android N launched in 2016 Google follows the same roadmap with the previous versions of Android, which is expected to Android P to happen the same and also share the launch schedule of Android N and Android O.

This means that the first Preview would arrive in March, the second preview will do so in May, during Google I / O 2018, the third preview in June, the fourth preview in July and the final preview in August.