Samsung clarifies the cycle of security updates of their smartphones

South Korean giant is known to be the largest seller of Android-based terminals, but it is also one of the slowest when it comes to launching new versions of Android for their smartphones, a program that has differentiated from their security updates.

We do not speak without reason; in this article, we saw that Android O had reached the Galaxy S8 almost half a year after its official announcement and that from now on said the operating system will be arriving at other Samsung terminals.

This means that it is very likely that by the time Samsung completes the deployment of Android O on all its smartphones Google has already announced or even officially launched Android P.

It is clear that going a generation behind at the operating system level is nothing positive, and less when we talk about a top end or high-end terminals that have limited support for two years, but unfortunately it is a reality that at the moment It seems that it will change.

The fact is that as we said Samsung differentiates support at the level of security updates and the operating system, which means that even if a specific terminal no longer receives a new version of Android, it can still receive security patches.

On its official website, the South Korean company has updated the information regarding security updates. In the attached image we can see the terminals that will continue to receive them on a monthly basis and those that will receive them on a quarterly basis.

The high-end smartphones of the company are those that have priority, although it is curious to see that a terminal such as the Galaxy A8 + 2018 (high-end) has been framed in the quarterly update cycle.