Android Wear in now called WearOS by Google

We live in an era in which everything has to be interconnected, including the clothes we wear, depending on the impulse that this concept gives us the company that we have in front of us.

Android Wear was born at the time to bring wearable technology to everyone regardless of the type of watch or smartphone that users wore, which is not surprising because that was one of the goals of Android, reaching everyone regardless of their purchasing power and profile as a person.

As Google explains in its corporate blog, it currently has agreements with manufacturers that have allowed its system for wearables to more than 50 models of smartwatches, some of the luxury.

Although Google created Android Wear to obviously enhance its own ecosystem, the reality is that it has recognized that one in three users used it together with an iPhone in 2017.

In order to adapt to the multisystem audience it has, the search engine company has announced that changes the name of your system for wearables, which will be called WearOS by Google.

With this move, Google aims to “better reflect our technology, vision and most important of all, the people who wear our watches.” We’ll see if this also brings technical changes, but for now, it seems like a move to make Android Wear, now WearOS by Google, more attractive to different user profiles.