Google is testing new actions to postpone notifications will we see them on Android P?

One of the new features of Android Oreo is that we can postpone notifications to receive them again up to an hour later, functionality that could be improved in Android P.

The Area 120 of Google has been testing Reply since February, its experimental application of intelligent answers that according to the latest screenshots appeared on your private tab of Google Play has added new ways to postpone notifications.

New actions to postpone notifications in Google Reply

Google has not yet released this new version of Reply, so there is no way to prove these new actions that we postpone notifications under these new options:

  • Remember at work
  • Remember at home
  • Add a reminder
  • Send to…
  • Postpone one hour

The screen capture used in Google Reply is Android P, which is possible that in its next big update comes this novelty in the operating system.

In Google Reply they appear as the quick actions of the notifications, replacing the original actions of the notification by these others.

If Google natively implements these actions, they may appear when a notification is slightly slid to one side.

Surely Google wants to check through Reply if these actions are useful before integrating them into Android P.

It does seem practical to me to be able to tell the system that when I get home or work I will show you a notification again.