Navigation Gestures: XDA releases its App for gestures on Android

Navigation Gestures: XDA releases its App for gestures on Android

Although Google has introduced support for smartphones without physical buttons for several years, while WebOS, BlackBerry, and MeeGo tried in vain to change the way users interact with their device, we had to wait for Apple with iPhone X to make the system gestures finally got the upper hand.

So while the PlayStore has been populated by several applications that try to bring gestures on Android, and some manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus have decided to integrate new systems within their smartphones, even Google has finally started thinking about something new with Android P.

What’s more, now also XDA has created a new system of Gestures, for Android, installed through a simple application and does not require root permissions.

As already mentioned, the application does not require any root permission but to permanently hide the Android navigation bar, and then work, requires the use of ADB.

Navigation Gestures is available in both free and premium versions. Below you will find the differences.


  • Home
  • back
  • Recent apps
  • Open Assistant
  • Hide pill


  • Previous app (requires Android Nougat +)
  • Toggle split screen (requires Android Nougat +)
  • Pull down the notification shade
  • Pull down quick setting tiles
  • Open power menu
  • Skip to the previous media track
  • Skip to next media track
  • Play / pause current media track

Navigation Gestures Free | Google Play Store, Free
Navigation Gestures Premium | Google Play Store, 0.99 €