Google Photos is preparing for the 3D images editing and other news that arrive

Version 3.26 of Google Photos has begun to be distributed from the Google Play Store and with it follow the news that started with those presented during the Google I / O developer conference.

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Some of the news detected by Android Police, such as those referring to the albums, will be available in the coming days, while other news will still take a longer time to reach all users, but at the moment they already exist in the form of hidden code.

Titles in photo books

This is one of the news that had been previously detected, since version 3.22 at least, but it has not been until this update that it has become visible and works for all users.

The new functionality allows the album pages to now include a new text field that will allow photographs to be accompanied by text that describes each image and ends up printed on the physical albums if it is decided to send it to print.

To add a descriptive text to an image, you just need to create a new album or open an existing one, and then touch the new “Text” icon that appears in the upper bar, to the right, or in the space in lower white. This icon will open a window with a text field in which you can add any phrase.

You can only add this type of texts in those photographs that are adorned with a frame, so the bloody images will be without a phrase. In addition, these phrases can only occupy one line of text and you will receive a warning if you exceed the limit.

What’s to come: 3D photo editing and new suggestions

Google and virtual reality have a few years of relationship and the interest of the company in this technology is evident. It is assumed, although it will be necessary to see it in operation when the new function is launched in a stable way, that this new function will be oriented to take advantage of the possibilities of the dual cameras.

In the code of your APK, Android Police has detected lines of code that refer to stereoscopic images, that is, those images taken from two slightly different angles, that allow creating a sensation of depth, of three dimensions, in the brain.

As we already announced in the Google I / O conference, the suggested actions fed by artificial intelligence and our usual use will advise us to complete different improvement tasks while we are browsing among our albums, photos, and videos.

At the moment we have not detected many actions, but we have already mentioned some and for the time being, they are still coming up with new ones. It seems that two of them are about to arrive for everyone: ‘Correct the color’ or ‘Cut document’.

From what we imagine, ‘Correct color’ will be accompanied in the future by similar suggested actions, such as ‘Correct contrast’, ‘Fix brightness’ or ‘Improve exposure’. The suggested action of ‘Cutting the document’ could suggest cuts that improve the image in their proportions or that eliminate noise or leftover parts of some photographs.

Other new features detected in version 3.25

The information screen for each photograph has modified its structure, so now we will see the faces recognized in the image below the complete list of metadata (outside of Europe, since in the European Community this function is not allowed for reasons of privacy), while the detected location map will continue in the lower part.

Two types of icons have also been added with reactions that allow us to indicate that any photo or shared album we like, with a heart, or mark any photograph as a favorite to find them more quickly afterward.


Indicate that you like shared photos and albums • Search for the ♥ ️ icon when you see a shared photo or album.

Mark photos as favorites • Touch the ⭐️ button, which is implemented this week, to mark a photo as a favorite.