AnyTrans Android Manager (Mac) Review

With the ‘AnyTrans Android Manager‘ you can quickly copy files from the Mac to your Android smartphone or tablet and vice versa, as well as between two Android devices. The program interface presents elements such as music, videos, pictures, and apps.

You can selectively delete data on your smartphone, remove apps or install directly from the computer. Practical is the cloning of devices as well as the “1-click-move” of all data from iPhone or iPad to an Android device.

In addition, “AnyTrans” makes it possible to upload video clips from YouTube, Instagram & Co. to your own computer or directly to your smartphone or tablet. Note: The 7-day trial version of the program transfers a maximum of 50 files.


  • AnyTrans Android Manager (Mac) | Report update updated 01/19/2018
  • Compatible operating systems – Mac OS X
  • Program Type – Trial version (try it for free for 7 days)
  • Purchase price – 47.59 euros for the full version
  • File size – 70.89 MB
  • Manufacturer – iMobie

About AnyTrans Android Manager (Mac)

If you want to quickly and easily manage music, videos, photos, contacts, books, call logs, calendar entries, apps or messages on macOS on your Android smartphone or Android tablet, the “AnyTrans Android Manager” is the right professional tool.

With a clear interface, you can easily delete call lists or apps on your smartphone, copy videos and photos or export contacts. It’s also easy to install apps directly from your computer. All files on your device can be viewed with the software on the Mac. The proprietary “Flash-Trans” technology ensures a high copy speed.

Use the tool to transfer data between your computer and smartphone and between two Android devices. The “AnyTrans Android Manager” supports all brands and models from Samsung to Huawei and Nokia to LG as long as Android 4.0 is installed.

Clone Android smartphone

In contrast to the data transfer via Google Drive, with the “AnyTrans Android Manager,” one mouse click is enough to clone. In addition to calendar entries, contacts, messages, and call logs, all other files such as photos, music, and videos sync as well.

In addition, 15 gigabytes of free Google storage for manually transferring media files such as photos and videos are usually not enough. “AnyTrans” does it all with just a mouse click. Simply connect both devices to the computer, and all the data including apps, videos, music, and photos will be copied.

Switch from iOS to Android

Do you no longer like your iPhone or iPad? Do you want to switch to an Android device? Then the “AnyTrans Android Manager” helps you with the data transfer. Data such as photos and music are automatically converted to the correct format of your new Android device during the copy process.

The assignment of messages, contacts, call logs or videos from the Apple device in the appropriate Android categories or storage locations is fully automatic.

Dub videos from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo & Co.

The “AnyTrans Android Manager” can do even more: With just a few clicks, you can upload your favorite clips from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, DailyMotion and over 900 other Internet offerings to your computer or transfer movies directly to a connected Android device.

Simply enter the relevant video link, the rest is done by the ‘AnyTrans Android Manager’.