SWiM: New keyboard input method for single-handed operation and VR

At the St. Andreas University, a new input method for smartphones has been developed, which could also be worthwhile for the Virtual Reality.


In the same way, Swype is wiped over the letters. However not with the finger, but by tilting the smartphone.

We know keyboards already since it was the first typewriter. On growing touchscreen, a handy keyboard operation but is almost impossible. While there are many devices something like one-handed operation, in which the screen scaled in a corner slips. A research team led by Hui-Shyong Yeo from St. Andrew University, has developed a new method for the keyboard on smartphones has developed that could be worthwhile for VR.

The idea is a Kipp Basie Rte writing technique, wherein the similar to Swype over letters wiped. But that does not happen with the fingers, but by back and forth shaking the phone. It is set to the Gyroscope- and AccelerometerSensor the smartphone. It’s a bit like this maze games, where you have to move a ball by tilting on the right track.

The development team has named its input keyboard Swim, an acronym for “Shape Writing in Motion”. All it takes is, is a little skill with the wrist and although it looks pretty easy in the video, I imagine the practice a little more complicated before.

Practice is the handling of the keyboard for 90 minutes, should be able to write about 32 words per minute at the end. The tempo can indeed to be desired, but apparently, the learning curve is very good.

To serve Swim correctly, you have an additional button on the screen. With it, you start a word, because he sends an invisible quasi-ball over the keys. So it has but what distracts from Ball in the maze, the one tilt by back and forth on the right letters. To select a word from the suggestion strip, you tap on the button again. By wiper left and right, words can be deleted.

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But what has this to do with writing technique Virtual Reality?

Well, while wearing a VR headset, the user must usually tedious with the controller, the letters on the virtual keyboard to play. Since such an input technique by tilting the controller could fall easier.

Swim is still in the development phase and should in future first for mobile phones and tablets are placed on the market. Then one wants to concentrate on the virtual reality field. I am curious if we get there soon what to see in the direction